Organizations We Have Supported

First Peoples Worldwide

  • Tasi-Vanua Environment Network (Vanuatu)
  • Jittoa Bat Natika Weria, “Ancestral Medicine” (Mexico)
  • Bundu Tuhan Native Residential Reserve Trustees Committee (Malaysia)
  • A W.I.S.H. Sierra Leone Rice Production Project
  • Fundación Maya (FUNDAMAYA – Guatemala)

First Peoples Worldwide is an Indigenous-led organization that supports Indigenous Peoples to positively affect some of the largest global issues being faced by all of humankind. Its mission is to build upon a foundation of Indigenous values and rights to achieve a sustainable future for all.

The Bay and Paul Foundations supports First Peoples’ Keepers of the Earth (KOE) Program and regranting fund because it believes Indigenous traditional knowledge to be on the leading edge of an impending shift of consciousness—toward Indigenous values-based development.

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