Our Vision

Our vision is of vibrant communities whose skillful collaborations assure just and ecologically robust outcomes for present and future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster and accelerate initiatives that prepare agents of change working to strengthen our social compact and develop authentic solutions to the challenges of this pivotal century.

Our Values

As a learning community we value patience, humility, listening for understanding, collaboration, and – above all – the courage to engage with an abundance of compelling opportunities.

Who We Are

The Board of Directors

  • Fred Bay
    President & CEO
  • David Bury
    Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Kenneth D. Hurwitz
    Director, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Corinne Steel
  • Rebecca Adamson
  • Marilyn Reznick
  • William Terry

The Staff

  • Gail F. Stone
    Director of Business Administration
    and Corporate Counsel
  • Khalif Williams
    PreK-12 Transformative Practices
    Program Director
  • Marissa Barbieri
    PreK-12 Transformative Practices
    Program Officer